New Guinness World Record for Men’s Mental Health

Afghanistan Veteran walks 3100 miles from LA to NY barefoot!
7.5 million barefoot steps
240+ days
13 states to be crossed (including Death Valley and Rocky Mountains)
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I'm the owner of the Guiness World Record: longest barefoot hike. 3019 kilometers along the East coast of Australia.

Barefoot walk for a cause

Challenging Beliefs

We're still stuck with this old idea that expressing emotions and vulnerability is a weakness, leaving many men hesitant to speak up. Sadly, it results in too many struggling with depression and, at its worst, even ending their lives.

Truth Unveiled

But here's the real deal – speaking up is an act of courage. Sharing your story can be a lifeline, for you and everyone around you.

Turning Point

Anton felt a burning desire to shift this narrative, prompting him to embark on his personal mission in 2019. Through extreme barefoot walks, he pushes his limits, steps out of his comfort zone, while raising awareness and funds for causes close to his heart. He gathered tools to strengthen mental resilience, and he's eager to share them.


Anton shares this mission - shining a light on men's mental health, being an advocate, and inspiring others. He envisions raising funds to create safe havens worldwide - men's huts where they can find solace and support. Because sometimes, we all just need a place to feel safe. All donations to The Barefoot Dutchman go to Barefoot Dutchman projects and selected charities. For the Brave Man Talk Campaign we donate to Movember and WeZijnMind.

Anton Nootenboom Finishes Barefoot Walk

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Brave Men Talk: Why Barefoot?

Going barefoot allows your feet to connect with the ground more naturally, promoting better posture. The small muscles and ligaments in your feet are activated, which can have a positive chain reaction on your overall body alignment.

The soles of your feet have numerous nerve endings. Going barefoot allows these nerves to be stimulated, providing sensory feedback that is beneficial for brain health and cognitive function.

Barebarics is a brand of stylish barefoot sneakers made based on modern technology and premium materials with a special flexible sole design for demanding users.

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Your contribution can make a huge difference in men's health issues.

Help bring us closer to assisting men in need by establishing men's support centers worldwide.  Make a donation today.


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Meet Anton Nootenboom

Anton Nootenboom portrait
A 37 year old Dutch army veteran and mental health advocate.
He spent 10 years in the army, with 3 missions to Afghanistan.
Overcoming depression and suicide, he felt a burning desire to make a change.
In 2019, he became the first and only person ever to walk barefoot to the base camp of the Mount Everest
He believes in the power of sharing personal stories to create a safe space for others.
He launched this platform BraveMenTalk to reduce depression and suicide rates to zero.
In 2021, he broke the Guinness World Record by walking 3019 kilometers barefoot along Australia's East coast.
Now, in February 2024, he's set to break his own record by walking barefoot across the United States.
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